• Scheduling and Delays:
    BNC Lawn Care, LLC will provide service in a timely fashion on a regular schedule. We operate our mowing service on a route basis, starting at the
    top of our route list on Monday and working through the route until the end of the week, grouping customers together based on geographical location.
    Extra services will be performed as time allows, sometimes during the mowing visit, sometimes at the end of the week. We will attempt to schedule you
    for service in approximately the same time frame every week. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise that may delay your weekly service
    (i.e. - adverse weather conditions, equipment malfunctions, illness, etc.) When we miss a day, for any reason, we pick up where we left off.

  • Call Offs:
    If for some reason during the season you feel that your lawn does not need service, please notify us at least 2 days ahead of your scheduled
    mowing, either via the voice mail or email. Also, if you are having work done to your house or in your yard that will interfere with your lawn service,
    please notify us ahead of time.

  • Dry Weather:
    During the hot summer months, lawns in our area tend to dry up and stop growing. During this period, BNC Lawn Care, LLC will do its best to
    determine whether or not your lawn needs mowing. If your lawn has not grown and/or is very dry, we have no problem skipping that week's mowing, or
    skip mowing until the lawn picks up again. However, sometimes that is a borderline decision. Each customer has their own opinions of their lawn. It's
    often difficult to guess each customer's preference. If you feel that the lawn does not need mowing because of the dry weather, please call at least 2 days
    prior to your scheduled mowing to let us know.  If we skip your mowing in a dry week and you would still like it done, give us a call and we will come
    back to mow your lawn.

  • Fall Leaf Coverage:
    In our area the grass continues to grow for some time after leaves begin to fall from trees. During early fall when leaves begin to fall lightly we will
    continue to mow as normal mulching leaves with the cut grass. By the way, mulched leaves are also good fertilizer. Later in fall when leaves begin to
    cover lawns completely they become a problem for mowing and must be removed from the lawn before mowing. For those in the city limits they need
    only be raked or blown to a pile by the curb for pickup. For those outside the city limits they will need to be either taken to the landfill or disposed of by
    some other means. Whether we provide this service or someone else does it, it will be necessary to continue your mowing service during these months.
    Excessive amounts of leaves can damage the mowers.

  • Billing and Non-Payment:
    BNC Lawn Care, LLC has three billing methods for our customers to choose from. You can receive your bill by U.S mail or by E-mail. We also accept
    credit card payments through Pay Pal only. Regardless of which you choose you will receive an invoice around the 25th of each month. This invoice will
    reflect charges that have been incurred in the previous month. Payment of the invoice is due 25 days from the date of Invoice. In the event payment has
    not been received by the due date a second notice will be sent. Service will be suspended if payment is not yet received 5 days after second notice was
    mailed. Payment will then be necessary to restart service.

  • The following fees will also apply:   $25.00 Returned Check Fee  
  • Late Payments:  If payment is not received within 25 days from the date of the Invoice, a late $10.00 fee will be charged.